RootsTech is just around the corner

Gosh. Where has the time gone? I have suddenly realised that in just over 6 weeks I will be in Salt Lake City for my first RootsTech conference! When it was confirmed that I would be an official Ambassador for the event I had months to plan my trip – now I can see the next 6 weeks disappearing before my very eyes.

I’ll be arriving a week earlier, on 2 February, so that I can spend time researching at the wonderful Family History Library. The last time I was there, in 2010, I spent 4 whole days in Basement 2 which houses the British Isles collection. This time, I am hoping to at least visit one or two of the other 4 floors before RootsTech kicks off on 8 February.

But for now, what is turning out to be my biggest drama is, what clothing will I take?

I’ll be leaving Sydney at the height of our Australian summer and arriving in Salt Lake City, at the height of their winter. I think I am pretty well covered for the outdoor side of things – running (or will I be skiing) from accommodation to the Salt Palace Conference Centre or the Family History Library – but I’m not sure what to take for the indoors. Layered clothing sounds good but do I layer down to short sleeves or long?

All my besties know how much I hate the heat so I am currently leaning towards short sleeves for indoor activities. However, I will probably have to draw the line at shorts and thongs!