Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 6

Thursday 6 April 1978

Fine, cloudy, some sun

Picked up 7.00 am for a 3-island day cruise.

Down to Phaleron, a part of the port of Piraeus. Saronic Star, 1000 tons, 20 knots. Full boat load of 4-500 people.

Piraeus Harbour

One hour to Aegina. Boat anchored in the bay and all the passengers were ferried about 300 yards to the wharf. Small ships loaded to catch the tourist’s money.

Transport on the island – some donkey rides available.

Lunch served on board. A mixture of Greek foods – Very Good.

One hour to Poros. Berthed at quay which is on a narrow channel separating the two islands. Warm to hot.

Island of Poros – donkeys used for transport

One hour to Hydra. Situated on a small inlet and the houses built right down to the sea. Very narrow walk-streets between buildings. Donkeys used to transport gear from the wharf – bricks, sand etc. A place right out of this world. The people were unhurried. You would want to be fit as the hills rise steeply from the wharf area.

A narrow street on the island of Hydra