Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 8

Saturday, 8 April 1978

Fine high cloud, some sun

Walked around the market area. Lots of small fruit stalls selling direct to the public. Large meat halls with many individual holders. Meat out in the open. Men cutting up the meat. Somebody had bought a sheep and it was cut up, put in plastic bags and dumped near the gutter side of the footpath. Large boxes filled with live snails, the size of our snails.

Open air meat!!


Had a shoe shine (15Dr). Elsie was photographed by a tourist with a movie camera.

Purchased a small purse 50Dr for Bruce, a blouse 200Dr, a shawl 300Dr and another shawl 280Dr. Also bought a cheese pie – a square flaked pastry with a cheese mix inside.

Left hotel 7.30 pm – Sound & Light Show on the Pynx Hill looking towards the Acropolis. A special recorded production given to Greece by France tells the story of Athens as music is played and parts of the Acropolis are lit up. Music and story were heavy but lighting up of Acropolis was very good.

At 10 pm went to a Greek Taverna. Music loud, lights low and flickering colours – tables crowded together and the prices high. Reasonable floor show but spoilt by the lights and noise. Meal served. Not our cup of tea.

We heard that the taxis will be out on strike on Monday, the day we leave for London. The trolley buses have been out for the last 4/5 days. There may be fun getting to the airport!