Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 13

Thursday, 13 April 1978

Seemed slightly warmer this morning. Weather forecast – cloudy but no drizzle. Set off to Tower Hill. Drizzle when we came out of the Underground. Turned much colder. Bag inspection etc for bombs.

9.45 joined a tour with a Beef-Eater. Rather gruesome commentary on the history of the Towers and the number of people who had their heads removed from their bodies.

Bloody Tower, Beauchamp Tower, White Tower (Norman), Oriental Display, Fusiliers Museum, Chapel. Lots of suits of armour on display. Raining steadily. Very cold.

Tower Bridge from the Tower grounds

Came out about 1 (3 hours looking). Raining. Beautiful and warm in the Tower Restaurant outside of Tower area. Had three-course meal to warm us up.

Caught tube to Westminster. Joined a super tour at 2.45 (£1.50). Had a delightful guide. Took us around the old [Westminster] Abbey section and cloisters. Around the various chapels. Tremendous amount to see. Famous people everywhere. Some very beautiful chapels (1½ hour tour).

Too wet to walk around. Sat in Abbey. Later walked up Victoria Street to Victoria Station. Air very cold. Tea at Victoria. Too cold to stay out so returned to room. Forecast of cold night and day to follow.