Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 18

Tuesday, 18 April 1978

Frosty morning, fine day

Left Koblenz at 8.45. Motorway very impressive. 15 minutes to boat for 2½ hour trip up the Rhine. River very wide flowing fairly quickly. Lots of barges going both ways. Steep sides of the hills planted with grapevines. Rhine wine 0.50 DM per glass. Sweet Riesling not very impressive. A number of castles used to demand a toll for the use of the river. Travelled down as far as the Lorelei Rock. Rejoined bus 1½ hours. A chaff bag for lunch [containing] a three-course meal – soup, meatball and veges, pear & jam.

A river toll house

Travelled for 2 hours along motorway into Bavaria. Very fertile fields, fully cultivated. Drinks at a self service machine place – 1.20 for Fanta, mineral water.

Castles on the Danube River

The Danube ferry

Further 1½ hours to Regensburg on the junction of the Danube and the Regen rivers . Arrived 7.10. Very nice room with shower and toilet. Tea at about 8.10. Soup, large rissole type and peas and rice. Diced pineapple to follow. Cup of tea 1.50 DM.

No walking. Breakfast tomorrow at 6.30 am.