Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 20

Thursday, 20 April 1978


In Vienna 9.00 am. City sightseeing. Klaus the guide had an excellent command of English expression and was very subtle. Vienna occupied by four powers until 1955. Monument to the Russian soldier commemorates 17,000 Soviet soldiers.

Visited the palace of Schönbrunn (1400+ rooms). Inspected about 40 rooms. Decorated walls and ceilings – timber covered with gilt. Original furniture still in rooms.  Magnificent ceramic stoves 8-10 feet high in the corners of the rooms. Stoves fuelled by wood from out of the room. Rooms of Maria Theresa, the various Habsburgs, Franz Joseph, Napoleon. Small reception hall, large reception hall 150 x 35 feet. Painted ceilings, oriental rooms.

Afternoon, walked down to the main shopping area. People very well dressed. Lots of dogs and dog dirt everywhere.

Had meal in snack bar. Soup, ham and eggs.