Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 35

Friday, 5 May 1978

Misty, foggy

Jennifer had to work today.

Rang Bill at Evelyn Court. He’s not too keen on all the steps in the tubes. Has had cold weather in Ireland.

Elsie rang Doreen after breakfast. She has the cold [Friends from Oatley holidaying in England].

Drove to see Ightham Mote. Walked around the mote but the house was not open. Mote is quite wide and has water running through from a small stream above.

Had lunch in the grounds to Knole House – lots of deer.

Joined the National Trust (£7.50) and then had refunded the £2.40 it cost to have the guided tour of the house.

The oldest house in England that is still lived in. Two sections still used by two Lords – Sackville. Rooms still decorated with original furnishings, chairs, carpets, tapestries, beds. Heavy silver tables and candlestick holders.

All went out to tea at the Mill – an old mill that is now set up as a restaurant. Very good decor and excellent meal. An old water wheel is fixed and turning but the stream is blocked off.