Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 51

Sunday, 21 May 1978


Breakfast 7.30. Rolls and butter, jam, cheese.

Mix up about bus seat rotation. American couple have moved from behind the Irishman.

Drove to the wall. About 12 to 14 feet high with overhanging round top. Area beyond with barbed wire and obstructions. Drove to another section of the wall (Polsan) to buy films. Large picture of 1961 riots. Observation platform – huge area beyond all set up with lights.

Berlin Wall – the viewing point

Berlin Wall – looking over the wall

Our bus and group in Berlin






To East German border to get out of Berlin – took about 45 minutes to get through.

Passports collected and stamped.

Drove to East German border. Took just on 2 hours to get through. Picked up ORBIS Guide. As clocks go on one hour it was 4.30 before we had lunch. Gooseberry drink, ham and cucumber soup and veal/pork? potato, beetroot and shredded cabbage and bottle of Pepsi.

Left at 6 for Warsaw. Through large flat agricultural areas – vast fields.

Roadside stop – Ladies to Front, Gentlemen to rear.

Arrived at Hotel Polonia at 11.50. Allocated rooms. Taken to restaurant and had dinner at 12.20AM! Loud band.

A meat looking dish of 2 slices plus a (potois?) A jam and cream folded sponge sweet. Aerated water on the table and tea. Walked down the street to large underground station. Huge high roofed concourse. Time 1.30.

Comfortable room with B & toilette.

Bus 8AM to 11.50PM.