Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 60

Tuesday, 30 May 1978

Drive through different country near Bay [sic] of Finland [Gulf of Finland]. Camps for children at seaside resort.

Presentation to Irene (our guide) – art books. She left at Vyborg to return to Moscow. 2 hours at Russian border. 1 hour at Finnish border – bus checked for Vodka.

Different look about the countryside. Houses painted, spread out on lots, cars, TV aerials, flowers, well formed roads, bicycles.

Hotel Pobar out of Helsinki. Excellent meal of soup and fish. 1 bottle of beer 5.45 FM = 78p = $1.25. 1 bottle of Fanta 3.00 FM = 42p = 68c. Postcards 1.20 FM – 17p = 27c/Airmail Post 1.10 – 15.5p = 25c Toilet and shower.