Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 62

Thursday, 1 June 1978

Ferry Wellamo ā€“ very smooth crossing.

Watched as boat sailed between the islands at 6.30 pm. very interesting little islands, at times with very narrow passages. Stand up breakfast. Your own choice.

Passage between islands to Sweden

The early riser

The ferry turns sharply










Stockholm at 9.00. About an hour before the coach came off.

At Hotel Khristineberg at 10.15. Late to start city tour. Very hot in Town Hall. Very large auditorium, rooms. Gold dining hall.

Visited old section of town. Cathedral and square buildings back to 1600.

After lunch repaired Eā€™s handbag and slept for 3 hours ā€“ very hot. After tea caught the train into town (3kr each, ea way). Many brightly lit shops with expensive goods.