Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 67

Tuesday, 6 June 1978

E’s birthday

Climbed up from Geiranger and then climbed a very narrow hairpin road, with sheer drop and views to the top of Mt Dalsnibba where we had a view of the fjord from 4500 feet. Very cloudy so photos won’t come out so well.

A snow cutting

On the top 1500m

The group – it was cold





To the other side was a very large ice-covered lake – deep lake – with the ice just starting to melt.

Deep lake just starting to melt

Australia in Norway

Waterfall on Videseter Mountain pass






Descended the Vidiseter Mountain Pass – some people skiing on the slopes. Spectacular views and turns as the road zig zagged down the mountain side. New tarred road. Stopped at bridge and dropped a rock 300 ft into the water below. Along the side of lake Stryn to Olden. Hotel on the Nord Fjord (walk to shower and toilet).

Walked about 1 mile into the village – few shops and stores.

Smorgasbord tea. Very good (Electronic p/accordionist and drummer).