Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 75

Wednesday, 14 June 1978

Out to Spean Bridge to the Woollen Mills. Very large stock looks like a place catering for bus stops and tourists. Rather expensive. Back to town to fit Doreen. Bought a packed lunch – rolls, meat and fruit.

Twisty road to Mallaig (the road to the Isles) narrow with passing places. Mallaig a picturesque fishing port. Alongside lake and sea. Rhododendrons growing wild in large patches. Back through Acharacle and Strontian on a very restricted road with narrow passing places and as a result could not see much of the view. Road very slow. Ferry crossing at Corran – 9 cars loaded on to a turntable on a large barge arrangement. The turntable is swivelled around by hand so that the cars can drive off.

Climbed Monument to Clansmen who followed Prince Charles – Glenfinnan.

View from the top of the Glenfinnan Monument

Looking down from the monument

The Glenfinnan Monument to Bonnie Prince Charlie








Back just before 6 o’clock to have the “poached” salmon (an 8lb divided by 12 plus the family) – a small portion each.

In Bill’s bedroom – much talking with Doreen taking the lead position.