Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 82

Wednesday, 21 June 1978

Drizzle and very heavy rain

Big breakfast.

Heaviest rain we have driven through. Rolling country to Skipton. Some climbing through the Yorkshire Dales.

Harrogate – a very large city. Difficulty in finding the Tourist Info Centre so that we could find Grove Road for Elsie to visit her aunt in Convalescent home. Molly (94) very excited to show us her room and the home. Uses stick but manages 2 flights of stairs quite well. Took a couple of photos.


To York and looked at the cathedral. Very light sandstone. Visited the undercroft where they put cement foundation to support one of the towers that was moving. Stainless steel pins 63ft long go through the concrete. Now a museum as they uncovered Roman foundations.

Couldn’t find [a] B&B [so] heading to Sheffield Royal Victoria Hotel (£25) without bath. You have to miss out sometime.