Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 31

Monday, 1 May 1978

May Day holiday.

Good travelling to border [from Paris]. Slower roads through many villages. Houses close to roads, narrow streets. Good farming country, well cultivated.

To Ostend – very foggy. Gear put in the Stella Maris Hotel Restaurant. Found a cafe in a side street. 185BF (58 to Fr) for soup and a rump steak with loads of chips.

Farewelled the Scandinavian group.

Crossed in the Prins Albert – a very big channel boat. Was very full as it had all the holiday travellers on it. Very smooth crossing. Still foggy at Dover.

Train left Dover about 8.00 – [arrived] at Victoria Station about 8.30. Taxi picked up in side street. Hotel at 9.00 pm. Still foggy.