Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 32

Tuesday, 2 May 1978

Rain, fog & drizzle

At breakfast Lon Cloherty and Daphne Flett walked into the room. They had been to France for three weeks to visit Lon’s daughter. Both had had a wonderful trip. Got hunted out of dining room at 9.00.

Some cleaning up and phoning by Elsie to Aunt Lucy. Laundromat, dry cleaners, photos, bought an umbrella (£3.95). Back to pick up dry cleaning.

Lon told us about the pub lunch at the Denmark on the opposite corner*. We went in and had steak and kidney pie with potatoes and vegies 80p and a ‘arf of beer 20p. Served very hot. Quite a plentiful and cheap meal.

Into Aldwych. Long delay in obtaining travellers cheques and small amounts of currency for the next trip. Took over 45 mins. Raining quite steadily. Shoes leaked. Phone call to Lucy. We headed for the tube. Went to wrong station for the interchange to go to Waterloo. At Waterloo bought a ticket for Byfleet and New Haw but just saw the 4.22 leaving the station. Caught the 4.56 pm. As we sat in the train, the passengers came along put the umbrellas and bags up on the luggage rack and sat down to read their papers. No windows open and by the time the train was to leave it was a STUFFY place. As we travelled, the train was very quiet – I wondered what would have happened if somebody busted a paper bag?

Was met by Peter [Elsie’s 1st cousin on her dad’s Witney side] and taken to the village. Saw where Vic’s shop used to be. Now subdivided and new houses up. DIGBY WAY.

Elsie, Daisy and Aunt Lucy

To Lucy’s cottage. She was so pleased to see us. Had the kettle on and the table set with hot scones, tomato cheese sandwiches, cake. She loves to have a chatter. Was very lonely in her house after being in the shop but now quite likes her neat place.

After tea Peter came and took us to meet Doris, Nikola and George. Children seemed very quiet and shy.

Caught 10.40 train. Quick trip (35 mins) – tubes and back in hotel by 11.50.

*The location of this pub may well be the corner of Onslow Gardens and Old Brompton Road where the Bumpkin Bar and Brasserie is now located.