Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 46

Tuesday, 16 May 1978

Fine, warm

As a special treat the three kids were allowed to have a day off school because their aunt and uncle from Australia were staying with them.

Went down to Broadstairs (50 miles) – followed the Thames down. Early fog lifted and once in a sheltered spot it was quite warm. We had lunch on the beach. Elsie and kids went for a walk and paddle along the beach. Water was very cold. Elsie said she could not feel her toes after a minute or so. Walked along the promenade at the foot of the cliffs and back along the top of the cliffs.

Some secondary boys were out in sailing boats. Wind was cold and the water must have been freezing. One couple could not manage to get their boat past the end of the breakwall.

Drove around to Ramsgate and had tea.