Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 47

Wednesday, 17 May 1978


Rob back to work – the kids back to school. E & G [Elsie & Gillian] did the housework and we drove down to new shopping centre at Chatham. A large regional shopping complex – shops air/cond but walkways and plazas, although covered, were not fully air/cond. Bought some t.paper, Redoxin, lozenges and film but Elsie could not find the heavier type slacks she was after.

Back to Gravesend shops. Many very large shops all well stocked with a very good selection. Bought a crew neck acrylic at Tescos $4.99 and Elsie bought blouses at Marks & Spencers. Had a haircut at Fishers. Had a trim by a buxom bra-less girl who had been standing out in the alley way and whom I wasn’t sure might have been soliciting.

After a big tea Elsie and Gill went to the local cub meeting. E said that the kids were good and soon learned the Highland Goat and asked questions about the Australian flag.

Darryl off to Cubs

Rob took us back to Jennifer’s about 9 o’clock.

Big greeting by Sally (dog).