Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 48

Thursday, 18 May 1978

Fine (after E.M.C.) [Early Morning Cloud?]

Elsie had a hair perm appointment at 9.30 (took till 12.00).

I went up to London (9.00) with Geoff. He dropped me off at 10.00 at Vauxhall Bridge and I walked (15 mins) up to Cosmos to pick up the papers for the Russian trip.

I thought I did not have the air ticket for Copenhagen-Oslo so rang Scandinavian Airlines who said it should be with my air tickets and I should get in touch with Qantas. I decided I had better have another good look at the tickets and headed home.

Train to Embankment walked to Charing Cross and caught 11.08 train to Sidcup (3 mins to spare). 20 mins walk home.

Met Elsie on way home and then went and rang Newcastle to let them know that I would not be picking the car up until after 2.00 pm on June 11th. Told her it was a Sunday.

Sorted out our bags and left a lot of papers and clothes at Geoff’s place. Took two bags that are fairly light.

Mrs Lawson came down from Banbury and Geoff picked her up.

Early tea and Geoff left at 4.30 and dropped us at Moorgate – had a long wait for a circle Train.

Carried the bags from South Kensington to the hotel. Room 6 once again – we are now old stagers.