Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 55

Thursday, 25 May 1978

Walked to the showers in the basement but no H.W. Later found out no H.W. in the hotel until the end of May!

Went for a walk. Tinned fish in windows. Pens 35k reduced to 18, ink 15k reduced to 7k. Ladies shoes 8, 10, 12R – poor quality. Mens shoes 15, 20R. Sugar 2 kg for 1.04R.

Russian children near the Metro

Visited and travelled on the Metro. On and off about 4 stops. Stations ornately decorated in marble and mosaic. Trains very fast and operate every 2 or 3 minutes according to period. Drove around Moscow – past Kremlin, Olympic sites and to the University. Very ornate building. Vista points of Moscow. Ski jump nearby.

Intourist guide explaining the buildings

Moscow Sports Arena

The Kremlin






Queue to the Museum inside the Kremlin

Kremlin Conference Building








Afternoon visit to Lenin’s Museum. Very slow and overlong commentary. Film on Lenin.

Moscow Kremlin – Lenin’s tomb

Walked back through BOM department store. Big crowds queuing to select and pay for goods.

After tea visited the Beriozka shop where foreign currency can be used. 4 bottles of tonic water at 22 kopek and sweets at 21 kopek.