Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 56

Friday, 26 May 1978


Breakfast: Salami, bread, apple juice, butter, egg omelette, tea.

Visited exhibition of Scientific & Agricultural Achievement. Drove around in mini train. Monument to space explorers. Rocket on top of huge tail in shape of path of exhaust flames. 70+ pavilions, very large fountains. Kids after chewing gum jumped in the bus. Man, wife and kids crowded into our compartment. Squeal as we moved down a hill, turned out to be a woman with a small pig in a bag and it was trying to get out.

Moscow exhibition of scientific and agricultural achievement entrance gate

Exhibition grounds

Exhibition grounds








Visited space museum. Full scale models of Sputnik, dog moon buggies, communication satellites, Soyuz Combined American – US docking.

Space exhibit

Space exhibit

Space rocket







Circlorama of Russia. Circular building with screen all around you. We were standing in the middle. Feeling of movement down the road.

Tea 5.30 off to the circus at 6.15.

Circus started at 7pm. A large circular building with ring in the middle. Seats about 2000 or more. Very brightly lit. Acts excellent and well presented. Finished 9.40.

Saw the changing of the guard on Lenin’s tomb at 11pm.