Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 71

Saturday, 10 June 1978

Drizzle cold

Wit has wrapped feet in plastic bags to keep dry as she only has sandals. Walked some shops – prices dear. Market area below on quayside. Fish, fruit vegetables, flowers, very colourful but spoilt by very heavy drizzle. Lunch in a store cafeteria overlooking the bay.

Enquired at hotel about boat arrival. Walked around to the wharf and spoke to a young Norwegian lad waiting to meet a boat. Very cold and windy.

Boat was late did not arrive until 4.25. Taxi to boat MS Venus. Very modern. Arranged for cabin (2 x £18). Sailed at 6pm. Had light snack.

Became very rough as we entered the open sea about 7.15. This unsettled Wit who just made it back to the cabin. Large seas but although the boat listed slightly there was very little roll and a slightly lifting motion with the pitch. The stabilizers must hold it steady. Wrote 6 cards to the kids.