Jim and Elsie’s 1978 Tour – Day 72

Sunday, 11 June 1978

Seas eased towards morning but still big seas running. Breakfast in cafeteria. Cheap – bacon and egg 3.50NK.

Reached North Shields, Newcastle at 1.00 pm. Very fast taxi ride into Newcastle. Driver had some difficulty in finding Hire Car Place. They were expecting us and we had the car by 2.10. Letters from Jack, Norma, Nat Trust had been forwarded to us by Jeff.

Headed for Carlisle. Houses very clean and orderly, countryside green. Carlisle 4.00pm. Some difficulty in finding station and then driving to it. Parked the car and walked. Drove around. Back at 5.15 and waited. 5.30 the crew arrived. Keith pretended to walk past me on the railway station.

Molly, Doreen and Keith – all from Oatley

Had tea in a restaurant nearby. Much talking over the meal. Out to Castle Carrock (9 miles), [accommodation] farm house, very old rooms. Landlady rather sharp. £3.50 each.