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Memory Month – May 4

I was given my name because …

My mother’s sister had had a daughter prior to my birth and she had used the name my mother had wanted to use for me, I became Jennifer instead of Jeanette.

From Nameberry: The name Jennifer is a girl’s name of Cornish origin meaning “white shadow, white wave”. Jennifer is the Cornish variation of Guinevere, which ultimately derived from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar.


Memory Month – May 3

Over the years, pets that have been part of our family include …

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs.

And when we haven’t had any dogs, I’ve been known to completely spoil and ruin other people’s dogs. 

Today we have a resident female possum (and at times her offspring), 13 goldfish, a family of four Kookaburras, several varieties of other birds including King Parrots, Lorrikeets and Rozella’s as well as several skinks and lizards. All can be hand fed but we don’t over do it, so that they are not reliant upon us.


Mother and child

Memory Month – May 2

When someone asks me what I would really like for dinner I always ask forLambs Fry because I so hate cooking it.

I can be out with friends and, after lengthy deliberation, choosing a seafood meal of prawns, scallops or lobster from the menu but, upon reaching the order counter, immediately changing my choice to Lambs Fry having spotted it on the Specials Board.

And, the best part … I never have to share it! 


May is Memory Month

Fiona Brooker from Memories in Time has alerted me to May being Memory Month. On her website, Fiona wrote: “As family historians we are really great at recording the past, but sometimes we just need to pause for a while and record some of our own memories.”

So to get people writing about themself, Fiona is posting daily prompts throughout May to get us started.  As I am starting this half way through May, I need to quickly catch up.

May 1: Every time I hear the song … I remember …

Science Fiction, Double Feature.  The lead-in song to Richard O’Brien’s amazing Rocky Horror PIcture Show – a truly out of this world experience. I can remember exactly everytime I have seen the show, both on stage and as a movie … the audience participation, the Time Warp, the narration, the costumes, who I was with, everything!

As a huge fan of the 1975 film, Tim Curry as Dr Frank N. Furter has always been the benchmark I used for comparing later versions until actress, Laverne Cox, broke the benchmark with her portrayal of Frank N. Furter in the 2016 Fox television movie Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again.