New Year Resolutions

I think most of us are guilty of making resolutions and then breaking them. And many of us are guilty of not being as organised as we would like.

With genealogy we’re also guilty of a lack of patience when it comes to our research – we want the answers straight away, if not sooner!

Of course, this mindset naturally makes it easier to break our new year resolutions.

For 2016 – I’m going to make a few new year resolutions that I hope will keep me focussed and committed to whatever job is at hand

Smiling businesswoman with new year resolutions list

  1. Pay more attention to searching instructions on websites to obtain better results.
  2. Organise myself better.
  3. And instead of trying to be more organised with everything, just concentrate on one or two things – break the job down.
  4. Try to stay focussed on what I am doing rather than losing myself because something else attracts my attention.
  5. And make myself more available to help others which can often lead to reciprocated help.